FilmInk “The Shining”
project name

FilmInk “The Shining”

  • Client:

    Film Ink

  • Our Role:

    Sound Design, Music Composition and Re-recording Mix (Thom Kellar)

TVC based on Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’. The spot will played on SBS, World Movies and at various film festivals.

Ad director Julian Shaw said: “You can play the scenes side by side and the cutting points are identical. “It’s a big production design job and a challenge mostly for the actors to hit their marks.

The Shining starred Shelley Duvall.  Shaw said in the announcement: “There are a great deal of symbolic items, intended or otherwise, to be found in the mise-en-scene of Kubrick’s films, so it’s important to consider exactly why you are placing any object in front of the lens. I’ve planted three references to films Shelley Duvall has been involved with inside the ad, so I look forward to hearing if eagle-eyed viewers can spot them.”