The Opposition
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The Opposition

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    Sound Designer (Lachlan Harris), Re-recording Mixer (Thom Kellar)

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Premiering at the prestigious HotDocs in Toronto, and the subject of an injunction from the high court. This documentary tackles some of the most important issues surrounding human rights in modern Papua New Guinea.

A real-life David and Goliath story is unleashed with high levels of suspense and intrigue when a respected community leader engages in a desperate fight to prevent the demolition and forced displacement of his coastal Papua New Guinea community. Caught in a seemingly un-winnable battle against a development company, Joe Moses openly challenges the system. He’s aided in the fight by a coalition of allies. But when one of his allies accepts a role with the development company following a devastating court decision, Joe is left to carry on the legal struggle for the settlement without any political support. As tensions mount and the stakes rise, Joe’s persistence is met with dire consequences that may ultimately cost him. Director Hollie Fifer’s feature documentary debut, The Opposition is an investigative expos√©, complete with shocking twists. – HotDocs