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The sound of your story.
Bringing a deep appreciation for storytelling to everything we do, Folklore Sound and Music delivers exceptional soundtracks across a variety of genres.
From the comfort of our state-of-the-art studios, Folklore's Emmy winning team inspires the industry's leading creative minds to bring their projects to life.  
Some of our fantastic clients.
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A fresh approach to sound design, with a focus on innovation & quality.
To create nuanced soundscapes that cut to the heart of your story we gather sounds from the some of the wildest places on earth, use the best libraries available and harness the latest technology to make production audio shine. Our soundtracks weave together a perfect balance of tailored design, sound effects and composition.

In addition to film, we provide soundtracks for virtual reality, iOS, android, online content, consoles or any immersive platform. We also master for web  and handheld devices. 

We love making emotive sound design and composition for brands and advertisingGreat sound helps drive sales, establish unique identities & spark consumer interest.

World class post sound facilities with global connectivity.
Folklore Sound's purpose-built studios in Brisbane have been designed with the latest technology, including our flagship mix theatre offering Queensland's only fully-calibrated, theatrical mixing environment with Dolby surround processing.

Alongside our mix theatre are our two near-field 7.1 mix stages, and multiple comprehensive edit suites. All of our spaces are empowered with high speed symmetrical fibre internet, allowing trouble-free connections anywhere in the world.

We have established relationships with leading post-production studios and foley stages both locally and internationally, as well as a network of the industry's leading freelancers. Utilising these connections, we never compromise on quality, approaching productions of any scale with equal passion.

Queensland's premiere ADR recording stages.
Using the best tools our industry has to offer, we can facilitate all your ADR and voiceover needs with stages of varying sizes designed to suit your project's individual requirements. 

Our rooms have full Source Connect Pro capabilities, providing for a smooth, hassle free recording environment to anywhere in the world. We have developed our workflow inline with international standards, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with leading facilities worldwide.

Thom Kellar


A passionate storyteller, Thom approaches each project with careful consideration, bringing together his creative intuition with his expert technical knowledge as a re-recording mixer. His work seamlessly blurs the lines between composition and sound design, confidently approaching new and innovative technologies to push creative boundaries. 

Thom thrives under pressure leaning on skills honed from performing alongside the country's leading musicians, and regularly working with top creative minds in the field. He creates a calm, creative and focused environment, allowing ideas to freely transform into thought-provoking and engaging soundtracks.
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Sam Gain-Emery


With over a decade's worth of experience working in the sound industry, Sam is a highly skilled and engaging Sound Supervisor and Re-Recording Mixer. Sam approaches his work with a fundamental understanding of the post-production process as a whole. 

Sam is in his element ensuring the delivery of multifaceted productions working across multiple departments, specialising in dialogue and ADR. With his experience managing the technical aspects of leading facilities in Australia, Sam ensures the smooth operation of our facilities, keeping up to date with the latest technology.
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Thalia Colettis


Thalia works broadly across all of the company's projects as a sound editor. Excelling in high pressure environments, Thalia oversees the delivery of a range of content to leading global streaming services and media platforms. 

Often working with tight deadlines, Thalia always maintains a warm and friendly approach. With a strong background in music, Thalia is quickly becoming a thoughtful and evocative sound designer, bringing an acute understanding of the character of sound to her work.
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Damien Lane


TMulti APRA and AGSC award-winning composer and graduate of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Damien Lane has a wide array of projects under his belt. His work ranges from feature films, television, animation and shorts to live theatre, dance and documentaries. 

Damien's diverse musical output often features unusual instrumentation and bespoke sounds to create uniquely textured, atmospheric work, from contemporary to orchestral. He's also a seasoned multi-instrumentalist with a background in performing and recording, frequently contributing to soundtracks as a songwriter in addition to scoring.
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Mitch Carr


Mitch has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the local screen industry, working across all areas of post-production from commercials to television series to feature films. 

Having worked with leading post-production facilities in Queensland, Mitch brings a broad range of experiences to the table. With his life-long love of film, Mitch is in his element ensuring projects run smoothly from start to finish.
We work with some incredible creative partners.
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Get in touch.

Located in the thriving West End arts district, just minutes from the Brisbane CBD and an easy 45 minutes from the Gold Coast, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting projects. 

If you would like to work with us we'd love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact us.
+61 409470760
314 Montague Road, West End, QLD, 4101